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The park is home to several trees and plants like Chir, Deodar, Chinar, Neem and Eucalyptus, etc. Sikandar Lodhi’s Tomb is surrounded by one of the best gardens in Asia, filled with lush, green, well cared for foliage and mammoth trees. It is also the best place to spot variety of birds like babblers, parakeets, kites and kingfishers. Once we enter the Lodhi Garden, we get to feel the history in its air only. Today, it serves as one of the best jogger's park in Delhi. We can find a large variety of people early in the morning at Lodhi garden- some joggers while some fitness freaks practicing yoga or meditation amidst the lush green environment.

With the best of biodiversity and the cultural components, Lodhi Garden could be the best place to become an Ecotourism spot in Delhi, where locals can be trained on the history and biodiversity of the park which could provide sustainable livelihood to people living below poverty line as well as will help in conserving the environment and aesthetic beauty of the site.
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